2017-2018 President’s Letter

Welcome to NIRI Silicon Valley’s 2017-2018 Season! 

Last season, we challenged you to Raise Your Game! And, collectively, we did!  NIRI SV hosted the highest-rated Spring Seminar ever, ran a valuable pre-IPO day for companies considering going public, brought together the membership with well-attended lunches on IR critical topics, and finished off the season with a bang; ending the season with our largest-ever Golf Scramble, co-hosted with NIRI SF, and with the election of our NIRI SV board with some great new adds. This season, we’re going to do it again.  We challenge you to Raise Your Game (even further)!  And we will be raising our game to provide you with the tools, education, networking and insights you need to excel at your job and take it to the next level. 

We have a broad range of talented investor relations professionals in Silicon Valley - from corporate investor relations officers, to strategic investor relations counselors, to innovative vendors. We have newer investor relations professionals and old pros. In our membership, we have all market caps and a broad range of industries represented. Our goal is to bring all this expertise together to help us collectively continue to Raise Our Game!

Your board met this summer to develop a calendar of events over the next nine months that we believe will help elevate your investor relations game. 

  • We’ll conduct our monthly lunches with expert speakers, and we’re already working on the Spring Seminar for next March.
  • We’re co-hosting a pre-IPO day with NIRI SF, and holding it earlier in the season than last year.
  • We have a mentor program that pairs newer IROs with experienced mentors to help guide them.
  • We organize industry round-tables to help members share industry-specific knowledge and network in smaller groups.

We also want to start (or restart) some new initiatives. 

  • Our new website makes it much easier to share information. We’d like to make it a hub for knowledge for Silicon Valley IR with a blog.
  • We are looking to add an Introduction to Investor Relations for new IROs and professionals in related fields who are looking to understand investor relations better.
  • And we’re re-launching the NIRI SV job bank on our website to highlight open opportunities.

NIRI SV is better and more helpful with your involvement. So, get involved!  Come to the lunches to learn and share your insights, contribute your expertise to the seminars, mentor a newer IRO, or write for the blog. For all events, everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring a colleague.  But, please register early!

And join! While most of our events are open to non-members, membership does have its benefits. With the Northern California Package, members enjoy discounted rates for NIRI SF and NIRI SV events, the Spring Seminar and the NIRI National Seminar, and members have exclusive access to roundtables, mentor programs and the job bank. Access membership information here:

Here’s to Raising Our Game together (again) in 2017-2018!


President, NIRI Silicon Valley