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Capital markets intelligence

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Global investment banking firm

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Strategic Communications Firm

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Corporate access


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Bank and brokerage investor communications, transfer agents

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National Investor Relations Institute – San Francisco Chapter


NIRI Silicon Valley, the third largest NIRI chapter in the country, is proud to include some of the most innovative and successful companies and IR practitioners in the nation. Our annual Spring Seminar is one of the largest IR education events on the West Coast, with more than 150 IR officers on average in attendance.

Your sponsorship makes these events possible, and in return, provides your company with unique awareness and exposure opportunities and the ability to demonstrate your thought leadership to our members. We have three levels of Sponsorship – Platinum, Gold and Silver. A link to a document summarizing each level of sponsorship can be found here.

Sponsorship Packages are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the highest levels of sponsorship are limited by design: these packages are suited to companies that want to stand out as thought leaders within the Silicon Valley IR community.

We look forward to your participation and support. Benefits begin upon commitment and continue until September 2018.

Contact, Elaine Gaudioso, Board Affairs,, 408-505- 9623.