About Our Members

NIRI Silicon Valley is the third largest NIRI chapter in the U.S., after the Virtual and New York chapters. Silicon Valley’s diverse range of businesses are reflected in the membership, with IROs from companies large and small, from pre-IPO to decades-long market dominance. They represent industries from social media to software and semiconductors, and from finance to pharmaceuticals.

How to Join

It is necessary to first join NIRI National, the world’s largest professional investor relations. NIRI’s more than 3,300 members represent over 1,600 publicly held companies and $9 trillion in stock market capitalization.

Join now by completing the form here.

Don’t forget, you can join both the Silicon Valley and San Francisco chapters under theNorthern California package rate of $150.

To learn more about becoming a member and member benefits, please contact one of our chapter membership officers or NIRI National.

Members in transition

The NIRI Career Transition Program assists members who become unemployed. The program suspends national membership dues for a period of up to twelve months at the end of their current membership term. Members will continue to receive national member benefits, including access to the Career Center, salary survey, e-learning, and networking opportunities.

Members must be unemployed and active, dues-paying members at the time of application. This program is not retroactive for previous periods of unemployment, and does not cover senior roundtable or industry roundtable dues.

If members are re-employed during the dues suspension, they are expected to renew their paid membership with NIRI at that time.

Approval is conditional upon NIRI review and qualification for the program.

Transition Form
Scan and email form to memberservices@niri.org.

Contact Us

VP Membership:
Alex Porter, board@nirisv.org

NIRI National Membership:
http://www.niri.org/joinniri.aspx or memberservices@niri.org.